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Security, Data Privacy and Nonpublic Personal Information Overview

DocMagic, Inc. has implemented the most current industry security and data privacy "best practices." DocMagic applies a multi-layered approach to protecting data while it resides on DocMagic's network that fall into three major categories:

  1. Data Transmission
    When data is transmitted to or from the DocMagic website it is encrypted using a minimum of 128-bit RSA keys over a TLS channel. Examples of this includes: Webdocs, DocMagic Online, DocMagic Direct, LoanMagic Synchronization, Account Setup, and User Administration. If credit card information is transmitted, DocMagic reveals only the last four digits when confirming an order (of course, the entire credit card number is transmitted to the appropriate credit card company during order processing).

  2. Network Security
    DocMagic employs multiple firewalls to keep out unwanted traffic and intruders. Additionally, an intrusion detection system is used to analyze traffic and alert network security personnel of suspicious activity. DocMagic uses a patch management system to ensures that all servers are up to date with the most current security patches.

  3. Data Privacy
    Each account is treated as a separate entity. Data from different accounts cannot be co-mingled, and there is a logical separation between data maintained in different accounts. Any and all "nonpublic personal information" of your "customers" or "consumers" that DocMagic collects or that you disclose to DocMagic is used by DocMagic and its employees and agents only as necessary in connection with DocMagic's provision of its loan document preparation, delivery, imaging, annotation and other related ancillary and complementary services provided from time to time by DocMagic and to which you have access through utilization of any of DocMagic's document preparation software or systems. DocMagic will not disclose any such nonpublic personal information to any other person, except as necessary in the provision of its services or as may be otherwise required by applicable law, unless you authorize DocMagic to do so in writing. DocMagic limits access to such nonpublic personal information to those of its employees or agents who reasonably need such information in order to allow DocMagic to provide its services, and requires such persons to maintain the confidentiality of such information. The terms "nonpublic personal information," "customers," and "consumers" have the meanings set forth in Section 509 of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (P.L. 106-102) and/or any federal regulations that implement that Act. DocMagic has implemented appropriate measures that are designed to meet the objectives of the "Interagency Guidelines Establishing Standards for Safekeeping Customer Information" issued jointly by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, and the Office of Thrift Supervision effective July 1, 2001.

Remember, to protect your computer accounts and passwords, you should never share them with anyone. It is your responsibility to protect the integrity of your computer accounts and passwords. To protect against unauthorized access to your DocMagic account, be sure to log out of when you have completed using DocMagic's services.